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+35315008300 / Positive
Rückruf von PayPal auf eigenen Wunsch, um nicht sinnfrei in der Warteschleife zu versauern, also kein Problem krimineller Art!
+35315008300 / Positive
Das ist der PayPal Kundenservice, absolut Vertrauenswürdig
Google Anruf wg Maps Eintrag
+353861800162 / Tim / Negative
As per others here. Got text about paypal transaction.
Have forwarded to my service providers fraud dept.
This is 7726 for most providers. Also send number SMS was from.
+353861800162 / Rach / Negative
Was texted at 1.40am saying my giffgaff account was suspended. Don't have a giffgaff account. Then texted again at half 6am saying I've transferred 20.14 to a guy called Clive B via PayPal.
1. Don't own a PayPal account.
2. Don't know anyone called Clive.
Think it's spam.
+353861800162 / ISP / Negative
Thinking a scam.
+353861800162 / Cato / Negative
Texted me at 5:55am saying I'd made a paypal payment of £20.14, I don't even have a paypal account.
+353861800162 / mac / Negative
4.30am got a txt saying i had just made a payment
+353861800162 / steve / Negative
Had text saying about a payment made to someone on paypal.... Check this link etc etc... SCAM
+353861800162 / Kristina / Negative
Saying, that I have just made a payment! In middle of night? And send a link for band details. idiots!