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+353861800886 / mt / Negative
Uber cost trap
+353861800882 / Evan O'Grady / Negative
Same experience as Jon, Uber codes being sent constantly but I don't even have an account.
+35314378874 / Mohamed Ali / Negative
This number is of scammers . There is a person with an Indian accent whose name is Johnny morgen. And he is from euro partners. A Forex software. Please don't give any details it's a scam
+353861800886 / Pk / Negative
Sending take uber pin.
+353861800882 / Jon / Negative
Sent an UBER number to cancel some service. The phone number it asks you to contact is based in the US and is a scam so obviously 0861800882 is part of that scam.
+353861800886 / Tina / Negative
Text claiming to be from Uber. Sent me three in a row, won't stop!
+35314378878 / Negative
Il appelle à n’importe quelle heure et laisse un faux code
Apple Support
+35314378878 / Negative
appel d'escro
+35314378374 / Declan
Anyone any idea who this is?