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+35315398453 / Treasa
PS. It's Rapport Fundraising in Northern Ireland. And it just says "about a raffle".
Not that you've won. Beaumont Hospital uses them and says you may receive calls from them. (May be asking if you will sell tickets, if you've done so before). They really want to record their message to clearly say Rapport Fundraising!
+35315398453 / Treasa / Negative
Same. Father made me ring 5398453 back, twice. "Calling from R something (undecipherable) funding - raffle you entered. Representative will call you back" Relieved it doesn't appear to be a premium line.
+353766801244 / Chas / Negative
No one on end of line - said hello twice and hung up after 7/8 seconds.
+35315620200 / G / Positive
UPS, needed some info about an old delivery to make an invoice. Seems legit as they knew details about the purchase that no one else could have.
+35315398453 / Elizabeth / Negative
Message left on Mobile with a incoherent message about a raffle and an agent would ring back.
+35316994378 / Thomas Dilage
Who is using this number
+35315398453 / Garry / Negative
Missed call, rang it back. Straight to msg about some bogey raffle.
+35314369033 / Van Boxstael Geert
Discriminatie van de vlaming, alweer.
Heeft het te maken met de brexit? Ik weet het niet. Blijkbaar moet ik als Nederlands sprekend persoon naar Ierland bellen, rechtstreeks naar paypal om in mijn eigen taal geholpen te worden. Franstaligen en Engelstaligen kunnen gratis bellen via nummer 0800. Waarom moet de Vlaming weer dure telefoons plegen verdoeme????

PS: nationale inlichtingen 1207 geeft dan weer een betalend 070 nummer door (070359905). Same s**t. de Vlaming moet betalen. En in Ierland spreekt men Belgisch Nederlands geloof ik??? Want ik moet rechtstreeks naar ierland bellen. Dat nummer geeft paypal Belgiƫ mij door. Welke Belgische minister heeft deze stunt weeral op zijn kerfstok?
+353861800344 / Ann / Negative
Text message 3324
+353861800886 / mt / Negative
Uber cost trap